Different Rarity Catsacks?

I know we have catsacks in the game already, but can we have different rarity catsacks? Or catsacks for certain large updates?
1st ex. There could be a common, rare, and legendary catsack, perhaps? Like, the higher the rarity, the higher the price and risk, but you can also get rarer items.

2nd ex. A new, large update just came out. Along with it were a lot of items, and the catsacks may have some items from the new update.

My ideas for the catsacks:

Name: Common Catsack
Desc: A plain, boring catsack, if you’re lucky you might be able to get something out of it.

Name: Uncommon Catsack
Desc: A slightly better catsack, and it looks like it has something inside…

Name: Rare Catsack
Desc: A catsack filled with all sorts of goodies.

Name: Legendary Catsack
Desc: This glowing catsack looks like it will have some of the best goodies, why not look inside?

Name: [Name of Update] Catsack
Desc: This catsack contains some new items from the [Name of update] update!

Name: Festive Catsack
Desc: This catsack contains christmas-themed items, Merry Christmas!

Name: Spooky Catsack
Desc: A spooky catsack, becareful, you don’t know what’s inside.

Name: Easter Bunny’s Catsack
Desc: Oh, look. The easter bunny must have left this behind.

If I think of more, I’ll add them. Maybe even suggest your own idea for a catsack.


I really like the idea of a Catsack that contains newly implemented items. :clap:

Almost has a CS: GO case or TF2 crate feel. I like the idea. Would be cool to have a possibility to get them as minigame rewards. Have a high chance to get a normal one and a low chance to get more rare ones. The holiday ones could obviously only be available during the holidays.

Honestly I would prefer a system like this over the Spin to Win wheels returning. It would feel more rewarding I think.

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Yeah because getting a rare catsack after finishing a minigame would be like getting a nice drop or something in a MMORPG game. Which always feels really rewarding.

As long as the catsacks don’t require a key, I’m down

I don’t want them to have a hey either, but like @REPTILE said, It would be good if they dropped just after a minigame. I’d also suggest they drop and you can also buy them.

I hate rng anything. It’s a big jerk to me. I’ll get computer monitors and keyboards forever!