Different pet pathfinding

Maybe give pets a random path so they don’t merge together.

implying they have patchfinding to begin with


You’re basically asking for collision between pets, actually, as there is no pathfinding for pets, they just directly follows the owner when one get too far from them
Edit: BUT if the pet could have a small animation, like standing still or doing small moves to interact with other pets, it’d be interesting


It appears as though you have misread mets, and there doesn’t appear to be any edits for him to fix the typo.

it was a joke

Ok right I know just you looked silly since you said patchfinding.
Either way I this would great I don’t own multiple pets myself but I imagine it’s annoying for those who do.

I’m going to bring this one back cause I didn’t notice this was a thing until I tried to have a brigade of rolling pets and got this:


Collision would be good, but I also wouldn’t mind there being a significantly farther range before it starts teleporting after you. Feels like I see them do that more than ever rolling.


I also don’t like the poofing animation of them teleporting. I don’t think it would be such an issue if I didn’t get a cloud of smoke covering my screen every time I went no-clip.