Different minigolf intro/outro music themes (because some don't seem fitting at the moment)

I was just playing the spacy retro map again and it was so obvious that the music doesn’t fit.

The map itself is awesome but it’s missing some… techno space music or something.

Some maps should definitely have their own music themes. (Or maybe all of the maps?)

Seems there was a misunderstanding.
I was trying to suggest different music themes for the courses, not additional background music.
So what I mean is: The intro and outro music for each hole should be something different depending on the map.
Sorry for the confusion.

This would be nice, but with all the other sound design taking priority I just don’t think it’s really necessary. Still, if the resources are available, it would be cool to see.

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I want mini golf to be relaxing, the current sounds of the ambient are fine. If I want it to be relaxing I wouldn’t want a bunch of crazy music in the background. I could just mute my music via sound settings, but still.

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I never said it had to be crazy… The current theme for the retro space map thing just doesn’t fit. at all. It just feels off.

I’d say that is the opposite of relaxing as it just feels… uncomfortable at the moment.

Oh I see where the misunderstanding was. I am talking about the intro theme for each hole. Sorry about that.

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alright i got a good idea for one of the music themes.
So basically it is africa - toto in the distance and semi quite and the person singing is mumbling most of the words in the lyrics but when it hits the “I bless the rains down in Africa” part the person screams…


then they proceed to mumble the lyrics again only screaming the lyric “I bless the rains down in Africa”

pretty good right. :+1:


Very good


I can hear something like different themes of the same tunes. Similar to Super Mario World how for the most of the game has the same exact tune, but how it was constantly changed to fit the theme of the level.


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking of aswell. Could be cool and easy to implement.

(Although I do love the unique tracks they have come up with so far, especially in ball race)