Different Lobbies

Some time after Tower Unite is released, will we be able to use different, possibly even user-made lobbies? I know that people are already tired of Lobby 2 for some reason (I’m not one of them, but I have some friends that hate Lobby 2. Why?..), and it would add a lot of variety to Tower Unite,

With Steam Workshop support…anything is possible.

That being said, I wonder if “What will be able to be modded” will be brought up during the Indiegogo.

If you watch the dev streams, they basically confirm some of these questions. Though the lobbies will be moddable, they don’t really know the limits of the modding that can take place. On the plus side, everyone can run a lobby like a Garry’s Mod server in Tower Unite!

Of course. There are free and ranked servers.

Ranked: You cannot install your own scripts and data is synchronising between ranked servers such as money, items thanks to Steam Inventory support. No info about addons from workshop.

Free: You can add there everything. Your own scripts, models, maps etc. BUT items and money (Units) will be saved on the server.

So i think you will be able to create and put your custom Lobby to the server. However the default looks amazing.

@macdguy Quick question. Will free servers save data to MySQL?

Actually, I believe this was mentioned in one of the streams.
Ranked servers will be allowed to have custom items for people to buy with the units that are saved from their Steam Inventory, but the game will warn the player that the item they are about to purchase is not official and will not be saved to their Steam Inventory. You will lose your units regardless.