Different arcade cabinet styles

I think depending on the type of game, we should be able to customize our custom arcade game cabinets. We could show how many buttons the game uses by the amount of buttons on the cabinet with the keybindings on the buttons themselves.

If we wanted our game to be an on-rails shooter, the cabinet model would have plastic gun models and holsters. And possibly our character could hold them when we play the game?

DO you mean like this

Well, I mean like you can choose how many buttons/accessories show up on the model itself.

why would you choose how many button?
for me I’ll just keep acade button like that and leave it alone.

Well, because each of the games will most likely use a different number of buttons depending on how complex the game is. For instance, the Street Fighter arcade cabinet uses 6 buttons on each side and two joysticks, while a Galaga cabinet uses only one button and one joystick. This detail in Tower would add a bit of realism.

thank for input dude. Yeah there were lots retro arcade in the era of arcade.I don’t wanted to becomes to realism. it up for pixel tail developer how many arcade they going to make it and what kind of games with button. I have change mind about this.

Mac’s already whipping up variants of machines that you’ll be able to use in the arcade.