Difference Maker Donation

I donated 75 for the difference maker perk but I used my Nan’s card. What will be the name ingrates in the brick? I don’t think my nan wants her name there.

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After the campaign is over, an email will be sent to the email used to back the indiegogo which will probably ask you for what name you would like to be engraved on the brick, so you should be able to have your name or whatever name you would like to use :smiley:

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I’ve got some questions of my own.

Will the names be held in a specific order? Randomized? Also, how large will the names be? In cursive? A specific font?


I’m also curious about this for the Plaque as well. It’s gonna have to be a REALLY Big plaque for all the names to be eligible.


Considering that was included in the $2 donation, yeah. I think around 2,000 names might be on that plaque.

Perhaps something similar to the Arlington Veterans Memorial? (no offense meant, just listing an example)

Thanks for the info!

I think it’ll be something like a wall or something… Like when you spawn in you’ll see it on your left or something… Kind of like this?

Yeah! I’d like that or something along that design a lot.

It’s pretty simple, and you can fit a lot of names…I’m just worried about legibility. I don’t want our names to be too small so that we can’t see them…We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.

Indeed. Like I said, I’m predicting about 2,000 donors by the end of the IndieGogo (and unsure how many donated $1), so the issue may have to be solved with width. Could do it with height, though you’d have to jetpack to see your name.

Further reasoning as to why there should be a “Founders” area, that showcases not only the $2 plaque but the $75 wall and the gemstones!

Yesh! I agree. Or maybe just in the plaza…there’s a lot of space there?

It’ll be similar to that wall.

We’ll make sure everyone’s name is legible. If we have to, we’ll make two walls.

Also, yes, when the campaign is over we’ll send out an email asking you questions about your perk - such as the name you want to put on the plaque or the brick.

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So, I am a little curious. I’m planning on buying a four pack, and if I wanted to, could I make the name that’s put on the plaque our little group name? Or does it have to be a person’s name?

@macdguy Could you please answer the above questions regarding the brick wall as well?

It can be whatever you desire as long as it:

  • Does not contain explicit or offensive words.
  • Does not infringe on any copyrights (includes memes).
  • Does not contain hate speech.
  • Does not advertise a website or service.
  • Does not contain personal information (address or phone number).
  • Is shorter than 40 characters. If your name is really that long we’ll work something out.

Ultimately, we’ll let you know if it oversteps what we are willing to put in the game.

I can’t answer all of those just yet, but the order will be in the order the backers backed us. So the first person who backed us will be at the start and the last person who backed us will be at the end of the list.

Thanks! Ours meets all those guidelines. I’ll be purchasing probably in a week!