Didn't receive steam key?

Hey, My name is Luke Nelson and I backed tower unite on indiegogo with $20, I just received the announcement about the launch of the close alpha on steam. I have checked my spam folder and all other places the email could have been sent to but I cannot find the key for the closed alpha on steam. I think this problem is because when I signed up for indiegogo, I accidentally signed up with the email "Lukedapwner@gmai.com" notice that the L from ‘gmail’ is missing, after noticing this, I went to my indiegogo profile settings and I did change it to the correct email,"Lukedapwner@gmail.com" I figure this is what caused my problem. A simular problem happened on the initial release of the alpha, the alpha was released, I didn’t get a key I sent an email to the email they said I should email if such a problem happened, and they gave me the key. But the larger problem I have, is that on the indiegogo email, they said that I should go to the backer-panel to receive my email about the steam key, but the problem is, I didn’t receive an email about the backer-panel either I want to be able to send something directly to pixeltail support, but quite frankly I don’t know how, hopefully someone on the forums can point me in the right direction? Any support is appreciated!

Here’s a link to the panel. http://www.towerunite.com/backer/index.php it has a link if you didn’t get one. send something there!

Oh my gosh I had didn’t even notice the link they had if you didnt have one, thank you so much!

No problem! Hope you can get your key!

I see your email is still missing the l. I’ll go ahead and fix that for you.

Edit: I sent you a new backer access key to the correct email address.

Thank you so much!