Did the devs sign up for a steam deck dev kit?

i know i keep asking about steam deck but im just excited lol. i saw that dev kits are going out and devs can talk about how the game runs and stuff and was hoping they got one.


Yes we signed up for one, but it hasn’t been approved by Valve yet. However, some of us got our own personal ones which we should have by Q2 2022.


Noice. I’m super excited for the Steam Deck myself. Here’s hoping TU runs good on it

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quick google search shows that the steam deck’s gpu is about equivalent to the gtx 1050… i used to play tower on a gt 1030 so it’s totally feasable and that’s super exciting…


Well, it should run, right? I mean, it’s just Unreal using VAC.

Yeah, in theory. Based on reports of the graphics card that the Steam Deck will ship with, it should run Tower Unite pretty well. Which is very exciting. The next major part is to add controller support to the menus and such, which is also part of the VR development. We’re hoping to get these features out before the Steam Deck. It’s gonna be very exciting to be able to play Tower Unite on mobile (Steam Deck) and VR soon.


Maybe incorperate the gyro for aiming; Ball Race would be awesome to maneuver with gyro.