Developer Stream Notifications

I was not sure where to put this topic so I just put it in suggestions. This does not have anything to do with tower itself but the dev twitch streams.

I miss the live streams a lot even when I am actively on my computer doing stuff. I would like there to be notifications in the form of events on the gmod tower group. Or alternatively you could just create a separate group for that. The only streams I don’t miss the ones where there is a steam group event saying that the stream has started but that happens very rarely.

They do this already.

Those are announcements, not events.

You COULD schedule events in Google Calendar (or any other calendar app) for the Twitch stream dates and make sure notifications are affixed to them.

Or you could grab a Twitch notifier extension for Chrome and only get notifications for PixelTail’s channel.

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I tried setting up steam event, but it looks like they’re terribly broken.

Well rip… I always forget about the stream and miss them. Maybe do a @‘everyone’ post on discord 1 hour, 30 minutes, 5 minutes and Start?

I doubt they’d be able to remember to post at those exact times.

…unless there was a bot that did that automatically, hm?


Exactly :smiley: