Dev Stream Notifications In-game

A notification (pop-up on the side of the screen) in-game saying when dev streams start would be helpful for players not in the discord or steam group to get more involved in the community.

IDK, usually if you know when it is you set a reminder. I think this could help but it’s unnecesary

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it would mostly be for people that don’t know about the streams, plus they could use the notification for other announcements in the future


It would be pretty nice if a notification displayed like the “A round of Typing Derby is about to start” popups. It wouldn’t be distracting at all, and I’m sure a lot of players who see a message saying the devs are streaming would be intrigued and might join in.


This is a great idea. This will bring the community outside of discord, streams and the forums/website into our little home. I’m sure tons of people would enjoy the streams, they just don’t know about them.

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I don’t know why, but your phrasing for that gave me an idea. It would be cool if media players could display streams, and I’m sure people have already asked for Twitch support before. I’d like to extend it by saying it’d be cool if there was some sort of place to view Dev stream in-game. Maybe a VIP Theater room that only opens during dev streaming times?


I like it!