Destructible Meshes in Acceleration?

I’d like to see a sort of thing where if you throw a bomb, it causes a hole to appear, causing people to slow down when entering it and possibly crashing. That’d be kinda cool.

That would be pretty cool. Kinda of like Split/Second. Maybe if you throw a bomb at a wall, the wall blows up and crushes the person behind you.

And then that destruction carries over for the whole race; so you have to avoid the rubble and stuff every lap. This’d be a cool thing to implement, even if it’s not immediate.

Only problem with that is I can see that cluttering up the map very fast, and if there are collisions, could possibly bottleneck or even ruin the race due to not being able to complete it.

I do see that that very well could cause issues, but that’s potentially. Again, doesn’t need to happen, but if they implemented it without issues, it’d be fantastic.

Split/Second handled that pretty well. It would just despawn after a short time. So it would cause chaos temporarily but wouldn’t mess up the whole race.


This has already been previously discussed here. This is what I said before: