DENMarkus's Epic Suite

This is my suite that i have builded and expected for a bit now, hope you enjoy!

The entrance: theres a notebook that tells you stuff, and a blorp that tells secrets and important things

Hell (aka Bathroom) i just let go of all my thoughts in here

Kitchen: i have garfield in there and some kitchen stuff

Living Room: This is my favorite place of all the places in the house, it looks nice and drabbit is also there sitting on the couch

Garden: here is ALOT of trees and bushes, theres also a hot tub and a fountain which looks nice

Upper area: This is my bedroom with my g a m e r setup and piano

Gaming Cafe so apparently theres a gaming cafe in my house


This is a little thing i built, it’s a snowy place with catsacks and stuff. yea this is cool right

???: ?? ??? ???

Hope you Like it!



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i joined once and looking towards the backyard from the entrance area made my 1070 feel sad

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