Deleted Workshop Textures

Does anyone know where I can find the original textures from the ferris wheel on this game as it was taken down in the workshop? Cheers for the help.

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There’s a good chance I have the addons backed up somewhere, Ill look for texture stuff later.

Thanks so much man.

Sorry to bump this thread but did you manage to find the textures in the end? Cheers, Luke.

I’ve actually been a little busy lately, so I haven’t had a whole lot of time to dig through my backup drives, I’ll look on my laptop later today (I’m on vacation right now)

Sorry to bump this thread AGAIN but I really require these textures, or someone that can make a similar texture

A user named Tegdif Re-uploaded all deleted GMod Tower content (no actual gamemodes), including all 9 parts of Lobby 2. The texture you’re looking for might be in one of the Lobby 2 addons. (or if you already downloaded the lobby 2 content you could just download the extended start menu addon, click on legacy addons, and find lobby 2 content.)

Do you have a link please