Delay before being able to get ready

I am suggesting this beacuse, many players when they are choosen to be host, just don’t wait for others to join and those must wait until next round, so there should be after starting game From Lobby like 10-15 second delay before being able to get ready


Agreed, I try to not ready up until everyone has joined from the lobby but sometimes the first person to join hits ready and the game starts too quickly for everyone to load in


Or we could lock the ready function until at least two people are there

2nd Player can crash and game will never start…

Until another player joins and becomes 2nd player?

And I think with this game anyone can crash, that’s something that can happen to anyone at any time. It’s always a looming, impending danger that doesn’t happen until you don’t expect it.

This has happened multiple times before especially when joining Ball Race. Most of the times when I join late, even if we were only three people on the queue, the host has already started the game by themselves.

I would agree on the delay when joining in from a sever queue. Something small, even if it’s just 20 seconds before unlocking the ready button. That way, even if another player crashes, or only one person ends up traveling to the Game World, the host can still play by himself.

It looks like they added this

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It looks like they added this
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Yeah, no.