Default condo model(s)

My curiosity and ambition far exceed my knowledge base. Apologies if this seems like a stupid question.

  1. are all the models for the default condo(s) stored locally?

  2. if so, would it be possible to extract them and add them to the Workshop, allowing someone to (for example), place a copy/recreation of the default condo in the sky of Dirt or Autumn, allowing for “underground” construction beneath it?

  3. would doing so violate the TOS in any way?

  4. if yes, yes, no, then how might this be achieved?

The geography in maps (including the buildings themselves) are not models in the same sense as a prop for example. The condos are made using mapping tools, and thus are rendered out differently. The only way you’d see the condos show up as workshop models is if somebody were to painstakingly recreate them as a model, and even then they would be dealing with the limitations that workshop models have on them.

Your best bet for getting a different condo building to be in another map would to recreate it using the already provided building tools, which again, would be very painstaking.

  1. Yes. All game data is stored on disk for the game to be able to run, including models, map files, etc.

  1. Theoretically, yes, but in practice, no. In-game items reuploaded onto the workshop are removed. This isn’t including the time it would take to extract each needed model and assemble the map file into an individual model ready for upload, which may/may not be a time-consuming process (I don’t dabble with that sort of stuff, so not sure).

From the Rules section of the Workshop Manual:

Do not upload Tower Unite game content / items that have not been modified.

I suppose you could change things up a bit and it would technically not be against the rules, but I’d think that uploading an entire condo would be close enough to allow for the item’s removal anyways.

  1. Yes.

From the EULA:

You may not decompile, modify, reverse engineer, publicly display, prepare derivative works based on TU, disassemble, or otherwise reproduce TU.

This isn’t including things like performance issues, proper collision, lighting, etc. that arise from workshop limitations.

TL;DR: You can, but it’s against the rules, and may not be a good idea anyways.

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Bummer. Guess I’ll have to actually make something original lol

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