Dedicated Serveer Model.dll missing

Dear Team, i have Installed the Dedicated Server on Windows but he tell me the Model.dll is missing. I also can not find it by searching the forum or the folders of Tower Unite. Anyone know where to get it?
Thank you in advance

Sadly the files for the dedicated server for Windows are outdated and thus they have a lot of issues.
Only the one for Linux seems to be up to date.

Although you could try and get the model.dll file from the linux version and see what happens when you use that file

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I have no linux installed at the moment to that would not work. But thank you for answering

If you want you can install the linux system on a virtual computer and then install the dedicated server on linux, then you can either copy the missing files to the windows one and see if it works or just run the dedicated server on the virtual machine, don’t recommend that though because it’s gonna require more processing resources to do so than setting it up on an actual computer.