Decreasing the difficulty of the Planetary Piano Achievements was still not enough.

Hello. I have been an avid tower unite player recently returning to the game after a years break. I have recently decided to take up achievement hunting again and decided to finish off the arcade. I was told that the Planetary Piano achievements were changed from the dreaded 8 secodns to 10, and the 8 key gamemode just has to be finished on perfect without a time limit.

Although I commit and like these changes very much, I still beleive it is not enough. I wouldn’t call myself the worst at rhytm games, average at best. the best I could shave my time down to was 3 seconds left with days of trying and practice (as much as I can practice on the endless and the 64 sprint gamemodes) and I still can’t achieve anywhere near the required amount.

All I ask is either the time is increased from 15 seconds to 18-20 seconds or make the requierment finishing it in 12-13 seconds. However would be the best I feel like it would help out the players a lot and make them achieve this.

I also would like to think to people who enjoy rhytm games and have problems with their hands like shaking or have disabilities that affect their abilities to press on the keyboard.
Vision problems as well, getting overwhelmed by the colours moving so fast and the keys constantly changing makes it way harder, the fact they don’t load in before you start is also very annoying.