Decrease the difficulty of the Planetary Piano Achievements

The achievements that you earn within Planetary Piano, specifically, “I’m Having a Key Stroke” (Completing a perfect game of 4-Key Sprint 64 within eight seconds.) And “That’s a Lot Of Notes!” (Play a perfect game of 8-Key Sprint 64) are both nearly impossible. You don’t have enough time for either achievement unless you’ve played rhythm games for a very long time. As someone who hasn’t done so, and mainly plays FPS games and Tower Unite, it doesn’t really feel fair. I think a nerf is needed in order to make it easier for people to achieve while still having it be something you have to be good at Planetary Piano to get.

agreed; 4 key is definitely pretty easy for some rhythm game players in particular but if you’re inexperienced with those types of games (i for one cannot push 3 seconds left, my mind literally cannot keep up :<…) you might as well call it impossible

8-key in particular seems to be extremely hard for everyone… one of my friends being a ddr expert got the 4 key achievement instantly and took 2 and a half hours of constant play to get 8-key… now if you’re not a ddr expert? forget about it…

i feel like the 4 key achievement needs to be changed to something like “finish a perfect game before the time limit runs out” and 8 key should be something like “play x amount of correct notes before the timer runs out”


While I don’t think decreasing the difficulty of a hard achievement (besides some RNG-related ones) is ever a great solution (because achievements aren’t mandatory), I do agree that a couple of the Planetary Piano achievements are ridiculously hard. Instead, I would suggest offering some kind of extended practice mode (around 1 min 30 seconds - 2 min 30 seconds) to allow players to get better at the game without being kicked out for one missed note or being locked into an extremely short timeframe. I also think that a possible practice mode should cost a few more tokens to play and should not offer any tickets.

The suggestion of lowering the difficulty of anything is sure to be touchy, but I agree. I of course don’t think that it should be possible to get every achievement with no effort, but i think it should be possible for a dedicated player of normal skill level to be able to achieve everything in time. I think these achievements in particular are pretty hardcore.