Decentralized database

Add ability to users to move their coins/items to decentralized blockchain on their ethereum wallet.
Like in decentraland.
This will remove need for steamdb or any servers.

I have yet to see blockchain decentralisation not end in one of two things:

  • An uncontrollable mess of everything going wrong, usually related to social problems ie the people using it are using it maliciously

  • Something hideously unusable and impractical for anyone who isn’t a nerd on Blockchain and has been mining bitcoin since someone first concepted you could.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I love decentralisation, I just feel blockchain is an awful method of doing it and I feel it’d be even worse and even more unnecessary on a currency in a video game which ultimately has no real world value.

I’d be down for the decentralisation of stuff like gameworlds and condos ie dedicated server style though and condos are at least on the board for getting dedicated servers, which is nice.