December 2023 Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the December 2023 Survey!

We had 3,891 people answer this time!

We’ll be using these results and the comments made to help us decide where to take the game next!


BIggest comeback of all time tbh

image (2022)
image (2023)


LC just keeps winning



I think hole 18 constantly being de-synced and softlocking people in an endless loop is probably a big contributor.


Oh, surprising ! I thought the majority thought vr was a niche product.

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It may still be, just not for the sort of people that play Tower Unite.

Gun Game being the top mode is not shocking. I mean, I like it, but I wonder why exactly it ends up easily taking up the top spot so much. Maybe it’s because it gives everyone a chance to use every weapon in SDNL or something.

I’m hopeful to see a resurrection with workshop maps and Double Dragon mode. The game is so difficult to balance for players who are skilled at it and players who are new to the game. People love the characters from it, but I think the insta death dragon button thing can turn away players faster, which is a shame because it’s great fun when you have a full server.


LC is by far my favorite, but I do agree that the skill ceiling drives new players away. Double dragons and workshop maps sounds awesome!

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Cue everyone making Mother 3 locations.

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