Debug Mode/Single Player Training

A idea I had recently when It comes to Ballrace is a mode in which players can select a level that they wish to play. Like Memories 13 or Khromdro 11 and allow us to constantly play that said level over and over again.

It would allow the later levels of Ballrace to become more optimised and improved as if you want to play a level like Oasis 11 over and over again for a new time at the moment, you have to play the entire map to get to that one individual level.

In which you get two attempts and if you fail those attempts, which is probably is going to happen. You have to replay that entire level all over again. It would cut down on the time it would take to get back to that indidvual level.

This has probably be suggested before but It would be nice to see this become a reality.

We all wish we could skip to specific levels sometimes but I think it’s better keeping the balance of early levels being more optimized (easier to repeat) and later levels being less optimized (having to play through the map), I feel like people being able to go into any level would cause other levels to not be played anymore, if that makes sense

It makes sense in a way but those levels you mention are few and far between, I can think of maybe 3 levels? Khromidro 7, Oasis 5? (maybe) Event 6?

Honestly had a hard time finding 3 levels that “might” fit that section. Most of the levels would benefit from this and people would maybe play those levels that I mention to get better times,

I rather have most of the game more optimized than with the cost of those levels not played much compared to what we have now.

Another thing with this is are the times using this mode going to be counted for actual wrs or just “practice” wrs? previous wrs had to be grinded out where you have to go through the whole map just to get to that lvl but with this there would be much less fatigue