Death run in tower unite

Played gmod a couple years back for a short while and recalled a game mode called death run. Can we copy the same idea to tower unite and make a death run in tower unite? Would really love to see this

I think an obstacle course in general would be pretty cool; I love those.


I don’t think they’ll be porting GMod gamemodes to TU. If you want to play death run, why not just play it in GMod, where it’s still fairly(?) popular?

Copying the gamemode is probably not on, but I’d love an obstacle course you can run through in the Lobby that gives prizes at the end.


I feel like an obstacle course would work better than Deathrun. Maybe a randomized obstacle course wipeout-style could get generated and it would be a minigame for the plaza? Doesn’t feel big enough to be a Gameworld.


I would think it would be a great idea to make something similar to deathrun in tower unite but hopefully not to copy it but as an reference to it.

Murder would be also cool in tower unite in gameworlds.

It would be cool to see some game modes that like these brought in. Of course, the best way for them to get a lot of game modes, would to be let the community do it. Which they are slowly releasing more and more community tools.

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I can imagine something like this being made in condos if the ability is given to players.

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