DDR-esque Thing

So, I was looking at a topic I made earlier about randomized dance moves when @macdguy commented saying something about being able to take some control over how you dance by tapping a direction. I automatically started to thing about Dance Dance Revolution where you step on arrows to a song.

And I was thinking…

What was the point of the Nightclub other than to share music and be the Bar Stuff and Things Shop. Why not add a minigame to it. Since the Nightclub already re-acts to music, why not create an algorithm to make a DDR based minigame that changes with songs. Like Audiosurf, faster songs are more difficult and play fast, slower songs are easy.

You could have the code read certain parts of the song like Bass or Treble and have like Left Arrow Beats, be Bass related and Right Arrow Beats be related to Treble. Stuff like dat.

Controls for this would consist of WASD and/or Arrow Keys.


There’s a game in their current arcade that is like DDR, and I was thinking about this as well. I love this idea!

That DDR game was made by someone else, and was pretty generic. This one requires some spice, and they can call this one their own, it is like their baby, within in their baby.[size=7] yeah [/size]

I wasn’t saying they should use it, I was just saying it reminded me that they should make one of their own. The game is very generic indeed lol :smiley:

Konamai own DDR genres.The problem is that the music industry go crazy for copyright song. Inorder to make your own dancing mini games you have to work with the music artist in order to put their song in the mini game.

Good thing Pixel Tail Games have their own music artist.

Good thing he’s good at making boppin’ tunes.

I didn’t know about that.^

I said the minigames would run off player suggested music, it isn’t really apart of the game. Just look at how audiosurf does it, they do it through user suggested music, not music they put into the game themselves. It would be legal if players add their own music for a DDR-esque thing to be randomly generated to match the song.

And if I happen to be wrong about something, up above, then what @cold_finger said, would probably be the best backup.