David's Humble Bundle Giveaway

I made it in screenshots, so bot can’t snatch those keys and ruin the fun.
Yes I know, I am a cheapskate for getting the $1 package. I might do more of these, if I decide to put more cash in my bank.
Also, please mention which key you redeemed to give others a chance.


thanks! just claimed the LP3 pack!

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thanks again! just gave my friend the Risen 2 code!

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I didn’t redeem any but this is really cool of you man. :+1:

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That’s very nice of you David, thanks for doing this! :smiley:

I did not redeem any of these, but still that’s very generous of you to give them away.

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I won’t redeem any because they don’t interest me, but thanks for giving away some stuff.

Thank you! just claimed risen because I enjoyed some Let’s Plays of it :wink: