David's faboulus Condo

This right here is my lovely condo. It greets you with interesting canvases, isabelle/Dio Brando’s and memes.

(This is what friends and I drew with my OC)

(A movie theater outside. People really liked that idea)

(Waifu room. The glory of my condo)


I approve of that maze screensaver window :thumbsup:


The maze screensave fits so well imo.

I have tried different images, but they didn’t went so well. I love how it connects with the other canvas perfectly as well. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I assume there is no such thing as too much Isabelle?


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Honestly though, you have a very nice condo. I’ve been trying to complete mine for awhile, but I can’t come up with anything interesting. I’m stuck on the side bedroom on the second floor, and the main living area.

I approve of the Isabelle room :thumbsup:

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I have also decided to build my own yacht as well.

It’s gonna be a tease to place these objects properly. Is there a guide on how to do that properly?

Check out this post:

But you should ask someone like @JesusFreak about stuff like how to build a tea house:

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I would recommend the 500 units bookshelfs for this to make it look smooth.


This is the progress so far

I tried to use some bookshelves and placed them around. For some reason, I can’t figure it out on how to use bookshelf for stuff like this properly so I sticked with the wooden platforms & coffetables instead. @JesusFreak

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Update regards to my yacht.

I gave it speakers on the front sides, just because. haha.

The yacht itself looks much better on the inside. I still have some holes to patch up though, but I am sure over 50% is done already and I am proud.


I havent been posting much on the forums, but this is how far I got into the yacht.

I will redo the windows, once the newest patch, which includes an improved canvas UI, comes out.



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Nice work on the yacht, you did such a good job that i’m wondering why I should even try building my own condo now! :smiley:

Quite a necro you’ve done here

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