Data Transfer Incomplete, Unable to Connect to AGC

I was having AGC connection issues during the Migration popup, so eventually I closed the game in the hopes that’d fix it.
Upon restarting, my game went straight to the Main Menu without the Migration menu. Unable to connect to the AGC. I can view my inventory, join servers, etc.


There’s no Option in the settings to finish the Migration process (there’s also no option to reenable the Early Access Screen… I want to pet the cat again, I accidentally disabled it during a VR Test).

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The AGC was put offline since there were a few issues people encountered while trying to do the transfer (mainly, the exp for some games would appear as -1, and some games’ exp values were swapped)


is there a way to restart the migration process manually once the AGC is back?

From what I understand the migration screen should re-appear automatically when the AGC is back online


Close the game and follow the following instructions:

Assuming steam was installed in the default location the config file that tells the game weather or not to display the early access screen is located here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata< Steam3ID>\394690\ac\WinAppDataLocal\Tower\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

The Steam3 id is apparently used to save player specific stuff such as configs and screenshots, according to the steam id finder site yours is 96096257, put that id in the placeholder, and obviously you dont add in the <>.

So in the folder you just went to open the Game.ini file and scroll down to the line that says EarlyAccessNotice=
Change the “True” on that line to “False” and save the file.
Basically you have made it say that you haven’t told the game to skip said page during startup, and now you can pet the cat.

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My stuff installs to the default locations, but the 394690 folder only contains “Remote” (my Condos and Workshop Uploads).
If I go to the SteamApps>common>Tower Unite>Tower>Saved>Config>WindowsNoEditor folder, there’s just steam_autocloud.vdf

well i double checked the file, it appears that the game is not using said file in the folder path for the configuration anymore which i guess is because of this whole migration business, maybe the the configuration files will be getting a new folder location.

After looking around a bit i haven’t been able to find the new/actual location, so it’s either been programmed to save it somewhere else that is not in the steam folders or it’s been packaged into the pak file itself.
I’ll keep looking and see if i can find it.


It’s in %localappdata%/Tower/Saved/ now

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Thanks! Though any changes to that setting don’t seem to carry over.

Now that I’m in here, I see some interesting settings:
Does “Condo.Door=None” mean that our Lobby door would have unique text when appearing in the Plaza?

I like to setup settings for future things ahead of time because it just makes implementation a lot easier for us.

Condo.Door is actually for the door style. You’ll be able to select different types of condo doors when your condo is connected to the condo lobby. Basically upgradable doors so you can look unique to other doors in the lobby.

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