Dark Theme

(pardon if that is the wrong subforum)

Are you also tired of looking at white colors in this forum? Well, this thread is for you!
It replaces most of the white background to a much darker looking color while making text easier to read!

The userscript can be downloaded here:
Download link

updates coming soon


Thanks for making this. The site is so much easier on my eyes now :smiley:


I’ve never used a userscript before, how does this work?

I was just thinking about this a few hours ago. Nicely made.

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Nice! I’m using it right now and its AWESOME!!

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Do you guys have the Stylish extension installed on your computer?

In the words of M. Bison: YES! YES!

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Well then I’m not sure then since it works perfectly fine for me.

I understand this is a WIP, but I noticed something that wasnt colored yet, example Here. Its white on light grey text, gotta highlight it to read the text.

Just thought Id let you know in case you didn’t know.

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Forgot to tell that I have updated the theme a bit. Let me know if it still happens.

Nope the update fixed it, thanks.

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I would like to remind people that there has been a new update. Dark theme should now be more compatible with the new forum update.


Hello, as you might have noticed the forums got updated and this broke some elements of this theme, I’ve put together some CSS rules you can add on to the end of the CSS file for this theme.

.select-kit.combo-box .select-kit-header, .select-kit .select-kit-row.is-highlighted, .select-kit.combo-box .select-kit-row, .composer-popup.education-message {
    background: #343434

.select-kit .select-kit-row.is-selected.is-highlighted {
    background: #565656   

.category-name {
    color: #fff

.list-controls .combo-box .combo-box-header {
    background: #3b3b3b

.d-editor-textarea-wrapper, .user-menu .notifications .show-all .btn, #share-link {
    background: #3a3a3a

I hope this fixes a lot of the issues, if not please PM me the errors that are still there and I’ll update this post.

Update 1: As I went to share this on the discord I found a problem with the share menu.
Updated the final rule to include #share-link to resolve this.


Added your snipped on the userstyle website. Should be fixed once you go to the page and update it.
Thanks for the contribution!

Also changed the background color for reply messages

I took sometime to make an official dark theme for you all.

It’s still pretty beta, so let me know if you see some weirdness on the site and I’ll fix it up. I haven’t test it entirely on mobile just yet. Mobile has been tested.

To change to the dark theme, head to your Profile > Preferences > Interface > Theme and select “PixelTail Dark”.


Just tried to enable it on mobile but Theme doesn’t show up in Interface

I don’t even see the option to change themes in the first place.

Make sure you CTRL+F5 on your browser.

I quite like this! Thanks a ton, macdguy!

Does this open the possibility of more themes in the future?

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Ikr. Loving this dark theme. Would love a dark blue theme