Daily Unit Bonus on a certain gameworld

Games like Virus and Little Crusaders are dead nearly all day long, increasing the amount of units earned from a specific gameworld by about x0.25 - x0.50 everyday would give players an incentive to branch out from the casino and minigolf. I want to be able to play LC and Virus but cant because they require +3 players to join. Maybe a little unit icon on its spot on the main menu could encourage players to try that gameworld. What most people don’t realise is that Virus and LC actually give a lot of units. I can consistently get around 1.4k units per round in Virus even if I don’t do well.

i think a system like mario odyssey’s balloon world could be neat where every hour you are able to earn more units from certain gameworlds, this could also apply to the plaza minigames aswell, of course you’d separate these two into different events that just run at the same time


This is a great idea that would get more people into playing more gameworlds. Seeing as the shops will soon have temporary sales, I don’t see why the gameworlds couldn’t have temporary bonus multipliers as well!

That element of randomness is a big thing that Tower’s missing IMO. I’m really glad we’re getting it back. Random plaza events and sales were a huge part of the replayability in GMT, since you always had a reason to stick around for the next sale or event. These bonuses would fit right in alongside them if you ask me.

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I would agree with that, finally get those people out of the casino.