Daily log-in reward

Title. Would encourage people to log-in each day.

I think this has been suggested and discouraged as all it would do would get people to login to a server and leave just to get a reward, but not actually play the game.


What’s the point of getting a reward if you aren’t going to play the game? Even just a 200 Unit reward that can only be earned once daily (can’t earn the reward again by going to different servers) can be enough to give new players a little head start when starting up the game for the first time. Players who keep coming back may just like to recieve something when they log in, even if it is a small amount of Units. Besides, it is very easy to earn 200+ Units at the gameworlds; if someone wanted to get rich faster they would actually need to play the game.

This. The reward should be for playing, not for doing nothing. There was a long and arduous thread a while back about players earning credits for doing relatively nothing.

They could always do something like GTA 5’s daily objectives. Just get like 3 or 4 new objectives every day and once you complete them you get some units. And the more days in a row you complete the objectives the more you get.


Maybe on the 5th or so day in a row of completed objectives the maximum reward will be given and the weekly awards multiplier set back to 1? That way the players are given a goal (Get the award on the 5th day) and the reward won’t get too high from many consecutive days. The “special” prize awarded on the 5th day should be random every time, so there is a reason to play that long. Or, the objectives could get increasingly harder, longer, and increased in amount to compensate for the high rewards.

On a side note, any missed days should reset the weekly rewards system to day 1, as the objectives haven’t been completed for those days.

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I feel like that would guide players to only do certain parts of the game. Why not just play what I want to play and get paid for it? That’s the way it already works.

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Most games that have purchaseable currency have Daily Log In Rewards. If the same happened to Tower Unite, it would encourage people to just log in and not play any games whatsoever.

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I don’t see the point in having this. The game costs $15, so if you need some sort of incentive to actually play it, why would you buy it in the first place?

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This is a better idea for a FTP game.


Not a step in the right direction IMO :confused: