Daily Dev Log Discord Channel


Hello I thought it would be pretty cool if there was a separate channel in discord for the daily dev logs. This way I don’t have to dig throw messages to find out the new info and I don’t need to open my browser to read it.

Here is someone who has the same opinion: [quote=“Xmarksit, post:12, topic:21686, full:true”]
Can we perhaps get a new text channel in the discord for the daily dev logs?


Moved this to Meta. It fits there, as it isnt abotu the game but rather the community around it.
This wouldnt be too bad, I feel


I wouldn’t be opposed to it.


What is the purpose of it? For us to post them there? Or to talk about them?


To post them like you do the announcements, I’m assuming.


That’s my assumption as well.


If they’d post it like announcements then what’s the point of the forums?


Just a repost of what is similarly posted here but in a textchat for discord.
Like what is currently done for announcements (minus the shoutout to everyone since it’s nothing major).
As much as I check the forums daily there are some that use the discord chat that don’t show up here, even asking about the daily dev logs in public had a handful wondering what I was talking about.

Perhaps as well for the first post announce it to everyone, just so they know it exists.