Da Beanz Rally

Forward faces Hello everyone, I come with the grandest of news. I am pleased to announce that the Coolbeans Rally is finally UPON US! Yes, it is quite real… And for those wondering what a Coolbeans Rally is, well, heh… it is what it says on the tin, we all gather to rally with Coolballz (our mute beloved pal) as the star of the SHOW (The Specimen in question pictured below blasting someone). Tons to see and partake in… [NO SPOILERS RN] and for zero $$$ ABSOLUTELY FREE WOAAHH! Trust me I don’t want your money I look forward to the day I can give you money instead.

Yes, it for sure is a once in a life time opportunity. No matter who or what you are, people and even not people of all walks of life are welcome to partake in this spectacle. The power and strength of the gathered fellows will have the entire universe teeming with awesomeness… NO JOKE! The Rally will be hosted on NOVEMBER 15TH (MONDAY) AT 10:30 PM EST!!! 2021-11-16T03:30:00Z

Elbow : CAN I HOP IN?

Sure, join on in Elbow hope to see you there. Just make sure to follow the rules… speaking of WHICH!


  1. augh
  2. I am biased if you displease me you will be subjected to a unique punishment of our choice
  3. uhh legal reasons the tower unite rules too heehee

ANYWAYS! still forward facing I am looking forward to your arrival as well… Huge smirk



Hell YES! My favorite alien mute boss baby amalgam of amazing stuff is having his own gathering with the homies?! You can count me in. Anyone who’s a fan of The Bone Zone or such insano gatherings please also find your way down to this event and come celebrate whatever surprises are in store!!!


its cool ya’ll should come (doesn’t stink like the lich;s place either)



Awesome, got any posters to support the rally? Would love to show it off my ad wall in my condo!

SOON :tm:

i’ll also force- i mean ask coolbeans to leave his personal mark on it

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Cool, DM me when you do!

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A handful of screenshots I got from the rally.





God these are so awesome… thank you millions

Heh… thanks for HOPPING ON IN EVERYBODY (except you bobs) … it was a joyous time…for me at least heh.


Shut up SATAN! sorry he’s upset he didn’t get to take any bruhs with him. ANYWAYS… that was only just the tip of the iceberg. That was only a mere PILOT of the things to come for us. Just a little crrrrrrrrruUMB of what awaits, just a simple test. The true Rally’s start this Friday at 10:30 PM EST 2021-11-20T03:30:00Z with the official FIRST EPISODE … YOU DON’T WANNA MISS THIS TLC ACTION…

Btw I’m going to try to edit together videos for each one. But don’t let that stop you from recording and uploading the whole thing or whatever tickles your fancy. YEEEAHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Bob: help

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Here’s a few of the clips I got from the pilot.

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Holy heck… you did such a fine job on this. With the power of grand editing anything can look good huh! GOD TIER WORK JESUS CHRIST

I laughed so damn hard AHAHA

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Clearing hard drive space, still had some clips laying around from the second rally. It’s not much, but here ya go anyway.