CyberGeek Internet Cafe and CardShop

CyberGeek Internet Café and CardShop
A café for the CyberNerds

Hours of Operation:
Whenever the owner is on and in condo lol.


*Note: Appologies about the rule posters. Someone messed with them and we cant reprint… so Please Ignore the rules till we get the problem fixed.


I mean, I like the idea, but the computer bit of the place feels really lackluster, almost sterile. Is it a cafe or a classroom? :wink: Plus, there’s almost no privacy for what you’re doing anyway. Maybe some dividers?

Also I cannot read the first two rules on your poster for anything, black on dark blue is incredibly illegible.

I like the place, it has potential. I’ll visit it if I see it on the browser!

Thanks for the Feedback! Ill try and do what you have said