Obama Cutouts aren’t allowed anymore, but what sort of cutout could we have in TU then?

so many possibilities

There is always Milk Carton Man and, of course, Rob

Zak cutout.

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memedguy cut out


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Foohy Cutout
an edition of him holding his guitar too

What about cutouts that support certain PNG images? It could cut out all the transparent stuff. Then again, it’s not always divided between 100% or 0% transparent areas, so I have no idea how it would handle anything between the two extremes.

why not our ‘lord and saviour’ macdguy?
or lifeless?

I think I suggested this before, but I think there should be cutouts of all of the devs. I’d love that, personally.

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We are considering using the canvas system for the shrine model. Maybe the cutout could be a canvas as well.

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Waifu shrine is a go

Oh the things I will do with a cutout canvas…