Customizing Avatars

Would like the idea of buying clothes at the clothing store and even paying to get my hair done at a barber shop, basically customizing a pre-defined avatar that is given to us. I’m not a fan of having to create my own 3D model or using a pre-made one by others at the workshop and I think users such as myself who don’t want to go down that route, shouldn’t have to. Of course, this would mean that custom avatars wouldn’t be able to utilize these features, but I think it’s a fair trade-off since custom models can always be changed.

something I’ve wanted for a long time; I do hope developers will get back to in-game avatars sometime at last


Old thread but I STILL want clothes you can just buy and wear even on an workshop playermodel. I know I have been in discussions on this in other threads before but I really do think that, despite model makers being able to add their own accessories and clothes onto models, this option would be nice to have for all of the models. For one thing, think about it this way: You have a workshop model you like but it doesn’t have clothing on normally and you want it to. Instead of commissioning yet another version of that model with clothing with the creator of the model, why not be able to have clothing as an item to simply put on in the game? Or it has hair you don’t like and would like to be replaced, so the custom hair from in-game could cover up the one someone put on the model originally without the need to modify the model itself? The built-in models in Tower would benefit from this as well, sure, but I just don’t see the point in limiting the idea just to these ones. Please let this be a thing for all models - Saving people time and real money, as well as not spamming the workshop with multiple versions of one model would benefit everyone I think.

On yet another note, if this were to be implemented, clothes to put on also in workshop form would be amazing. The developers I heard have plans to allow people to have customizable hats and stuff like other accessories from workshop, so clothes would be great too - You could commission or request someone to make an custom piece of clothing for anyone to use on on any model.