Customizable Pizza!

Folks, I’m gonna level with ya. I’m opening up a pizza franchise on the moon, and I’d like to offer my guests a variety of pizzas beyond the standard pepperoni. Nothing against pepperoni, mind you, though I’m more of a black olive and pineapple man myself. (That’s Deadpool’s favorite, kid, and he’s cool, so I’m cool. Got it?)

Anywho. Mushrooms. Olives. Anchovies. Green ::urp:: Peppers (not a fan). Mushrooms. Sausage! Burger! Whatever else the heck you people like!

Ricotta cheese too–love that with green peppers. And we’d need ham to go with pineapple for Hawaiians.

Along with changing out sauce to hot sauce, chocolate, or frosting, and topping options of squid, shrimp, seaweed, sprinkles, licorice, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and jelly beans for some authentic fine dining.


Also variations that allow for doing half and half so if you want half pepperoni half cheese or what not.

Also onion because I mess with that too.

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:pineapple::pizza: (time to get killed by a bunch of angry Italians xp)

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