Custom timers, and event triggers.

I know that there are going to be working buttons, keypads, and other things added later in another update but I’m wondering if having custom timers/event triggers would be a good add-on as well.

Like, let’s say I have a timer set to activate a wall (secret door) to move, but it only happens at this in-game time.

Another similar thing is having an event trigger which only activates when a certain object is set on a pedestal, or a door that can only be opened from a series of events. An example would be if I press button A, B, C in that order, the door will open. Though, if I press the same buttons in the order B, A, C. The door won’t open.

The adventure map condos could be more fun, or a condo could have mini-games now with much more ease. Just having more items that allow many different possibilities in condos would make joining condos even more fun.