Custom Skeleton/Animation for Workshop Player Models

sigh I got tired of seeing Workshop player models’ standard animation from TU like walking, running, jumping, swimming, etc. I also got tired of seeing King K. Rool’s tiny arms instead of long arms as they did in Smash Ultimate.

If TU’s official standard skeleton and animation was a thing, what about the custom skeleton that came with the models, along with the animations?

I don’t believe this will be possible, given all the animations used, and games designed for it.

The devs have spoken on it, and although custom skeletons will likely not happen (At least not anytime soon), support for different skeletons is something they’ve discussed:


Yea, I don’t think I’ll support HL2 skeleton.

the problem with different skeletons is that many animations would have to be remade for those skeletons so that they don’t look weird or have unusual clipping with themselves or even the environment around them.
it’s annoying for player models which aren’t designed around the tower unite skeleton, but it’s a necessary evil to cut down on the amount of work the developers may have to do for each update.

take for example the arcade, there are animations for using the machines, but if we use a different skeleton then those animations would clip into the machine or the player model would crumple up into a horrifying sludge due to the differences.

it’s a good idea, but i can’t see it happening without severe compromises (e.g. only displaying alternate skeletons on generic animations like running and walking) or the animation developers being willing to effectively triple their work when dealing with alternate player skeletons.