Custom race tracks for RC cars and boats

The remote-controlled boats and cars reminded me a lot of this:

We should be able to make our own custom 3D race tracks (with loops and stuff too) in our suites to race our friends in. And perhaps if we get the expanded ocean, we can create our own boat races too?


Yeah! Maybe you buy track pieces at the Toystop? Like the image below, but with greater variety.


I love it!

I can only imagine the fun it would be to fill almost a whole condo of those pieces and racing o those. :heart_eyes:

I know how awesome that would be, but I’d imagine there be some kind of limit of how many pieces per course you can have. But I honestly wouldn’t want to be stepping over race tracks to get to stuff in the condos. If we have custom condo building, I would build a giant room just for the tracks.

And maybe even a twisty course that it can transfer on a ramp up onto the ceiling and then it can go upside down. O.O

Anti-Grav RC racing! Yes!

And possibly jumps/loops! I’d love it!

sooooo… like hot wheels?

Sure. I was just thinking along the lines of anything that you can buy track pieces for. Hot Wheels, wooden Brio train stuff, anything with connecting pieces.

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Oh man, if we had tracks like the ones in this video i would be drooling with joy xD

(also imagine placing tracks anywhere to race, that’d be awesome!)

Oh man, I can’t imagine what kind of amazing Tour de Radek’s Condo races I could make. With cars not bikes.

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I think I’m gonna recreate the Monza F1 circut.

What? What football pitch?

No need to be like that. Suggesting stuff is not an action you do expecting credit, it’s an action you do suggesting something that can be designed over, which a fellow member did afterwards your suggestion and the discussion therefor built upon.

Instead of felling bummed about it, I would suggest you to continue helping building the idea and it’s designed. It will make you much more gratified, believe me.

Wait who was that too?

Custom racetracks for the condos seems like a great idea! Perhaps there will be a way to snap pieces together to make it less of a hassle to get our racetracks built.