Custom Painted Mouse/Speakers

With my last post of the keyboard i decided to do my mouse and speakers since i had literally a whole can of red left with nothing to use it on, mise well have more show work, I don’t have an original picture of the mouse sadly.

Yoooooo, that’s cool, man!

Oh, i see you use a razor naga… NAGA PARTY!!!

Also 9/10 -ign Needs more tower unite :smirk_cat:

I could do the tower unite logo… but i’d need to get something else to paint it on and the paints

Also personally i wish i went with like a rat or something the 2 middle buttons don’t work that well and it’s way to heavy for me because i’m used to…well the mouse i painted (altho it’s been over a year or two now so im used to these more, but i wish i could change the weight in the mouse.