Custom normal maps for canvases primitives shapes

With the new canvases primitives shapes coming up ( cube, cone, sphere etc etc…), I suggest that it would be pretty darn awesome to add normal maps of the desired textures. (In some “advanced mode” tab, maybe?)

For those who don’t know what a normal map is, it’s a regular picture, that shows the depth of a texture through colors.

For example, here’s a wood texture with its normal map:

Here’s another example of a texture without (left) and with (right) a normal map applied:

The texture is still flat, it’s just affected by light dynamically, and looks more realistic.

Now, I’m not suggesting to apply this to regular canvases, since the item already has its own normal map applied on its surface. (but if it’s ever possible to bypass the actual normal map of the canvas item, then, why not applying this suggestion to it =) )


Interesting idea! Here’s another way it could be applied.

There’s a painting technique called Impasto, which uses heavy layers of paint to give a textured look to it. What if we could apply the same look to photos on canvases?


Or simply plaster wall sculptures :smiley:


Beautiful. :raised_hands:

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It looks hard to implement but hope the devs can get an idea out of this and eventually an answer.

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btw. was it actually called 'bumpmap"?

A bump map is very similar to a normal map. It mainly does the same thing as a normal map, but it’s a bit less efficient.

Just see a normal map as a better bump map.

I’m just gonna necropost in here, would really like to see this.

that’s what I was going to make a suggestion about. It would be cool to have it for canvas walls as well of course!