Custom Music Folders

Basically, there would be a folder in the game files that you could stick music files into to play along with the default music. Ideally, there would be a folder for each major thing (lobby, virus, minigolf, etc.), and each music file (custom and default) would have an equal chance of playing. This would only be clientside, so the background music you hear may not be the same music someone else hears. Obviously, this isn’t a major concern; I just think it might be a fun little thing to add. What do you all think?

  • Surely this must be added at some point!
  • I’d say it’s a good idea.
  • It doesn’t really matter to me.
  • I think this should be left out.
  • TU would only be worse off with it!

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I used to do this when addons required a manual install, or before the workshop.

It was always fun replacing the zombie massacre songs with anime intros.


The thing is that you can already read music from the internet (youtube, soundcloud) so other people can listen to it too, But if you mean changing the stores music, the gamemode music, well… the URL technique can be a good idea too at some point

Neat idea, but what matters is implementation. It couldn’t be too heavy on CPU usage (unlike GTA V’s custom radio station).

That sounds like the weirdest thing to do

If this was done, I suggest making it so shortcuts could be used. Because file size.



Shortcuts, those things that people have a million of on their desktops? Those.

Okay…a shortcut is not a file. In fact, it would take more power from the computer to resolve those shortcuts. A shortcut is literally a reference to another file. The game would have to find the shortcut, resolve where the file is, decode the file, and play it in the game. That’s a lot more pointless than just putting a file in a folder designated by the game.

And secondly, the shortcuts are only to files on your computer, so you have the MP3 files there anyway. Why make extra shortcuts?

File space. I only said I want it as an option.

But that’s not going to use less space. If anything you use more. ~3 MB for each MP3 and additional KB for the shortcut files. I’m also not sure if its technically possible.

It would save space over making copies into the music folder. As for the game reading shortcuts, GTA:SA, IV and V have this feature.

I didn’t get what @FreeKill was saying at first, but I see what he’s saying now.
He’s referring to making a shortcut to your current MP3 files as opposed to copying them outright. That way you’re using less space instead of simply duplicating the files.


It is. Games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas have music folders for custom radios, and shortcuts worked just fine.
A shortcut is like 2 KB which saves you a lot more space over copying a song to the appropriate folder, which can be anywhere from additional hundreds of KB to like 20 MB depending on the song.

No, moving the original file to the game’s music folder isn’t a valid solution. If you’re anything like me, you need to keep your computer files organized. Having them stuffed into some game’s folder isn’t organized. I like to keep them in the Music Folder (who would have guessed??).


Shortcuts resolve in less than 1 millisecond on modern computers.


Does Unreal have the compatibility to do this across different systems? Windows, Mac, and Linux all handle shortcuts differently, don’t they?

Unreal doesn’t have any shortcut functionality at all, or music streaming which is why we use FMOD to handle Soundcloud streams. We’d have to implement it ourselves on each system.

I’d be honest, this type of feature will most likely not happen for a long time, if ever. Not because it’s a terrible idea, but because it’s so low on the priority list that it’ll most likely be forgotten. I personally love the idea, though.


Would you guys ever be able to add Spotify as well?

It needs to happen eventually for this reason alone.

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