Custom Gameworlds

As you can guess from the title, my question is if it will be possible to make custom game worlds for unranked servers. For example, say someone wants to make something along the lines of Prop hunt, would they be able to add it to the workshop and then set up a queue for it in game?


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I like that idea.

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Perfectly fine by me, I was actually unsure where to put it because I wasn’t sure if the Devs mentioned it somewhere or not (I haven’t had time to watch the streams)

Custom game worlds are possibly coming, although, that’ll definitely be after release.

Just a little side note, if an addon is good enough and the devs feel as if it’s worthy it be in Tower Unite, it’ll most likely be put in the actual game :smile: .

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Im aware of that concept, I can’t wait to see what kind of stuff gets added in from the community. I was mainly asking because I was debating whether to start making some little proof of concept stuff this early

Proof of concept is fine, although, I wouldn’t really start anything, as you’d need the game base if you wanted to make it properly.

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Yea that’s something I realized early on, It can’t hurt to get acquainted with UE4 some more though

Oh yeah, I’d definitely learn the workflow of UE4. That’ll come in handy when the primary workshop tools come out.

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Oh shit son! No one tell sapphire you moved a thread

But yeah. I think this game will be a bit like garrys mod. The community will create inf gamemodes!

I recon after the first 2 months or so we will see prop hunt, murder, jailbreak etc in Tower

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That’s definitely reassuring, I can’t wait to see what kind of things will get made, this is a pretty creative community

I should go learn UE4 and make that gamemode I suggested a while back.

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That’s not funny, I really don’t appreciate you mocking me like that, even if only jokingly, just because I have my own opinions over how thread moving is handled.




i need to be more descriptive

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