Custom Doorbells?


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John cenaaaaaaaaaaa
du du du duuu du du du duu

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Loudest orgasm in the world, anyone?

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You could create many jumpscares with this lol.

If the condo lobby is going to be mainly quiet for periods of time, I honestly wouldn’t mind hearing something random come from one of the condo doors from time to time.

What if somebody decides to start playing music by ringing multiple doorbells set up in a sequence?

shit man, that’s my phones ringtone no joke

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As long as there’s an option to turn them off. I can see this being a pretty fun addition but personally I don’t want to walk through the condo lobby with shitty dubstep and memes blasting my ears.


The main reason i want this in the game is to have a doorbell that sounds like take on me

And just like that I’m interested

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I don’t think this could/should be a thing. As @SirParadox stated, there could be some questionable sounds from this. But as for picking a pre-made doorbell sound, I’m almost certain that is coming back.

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Again, as I always say, this could become a workshop thing.

I meant something like the town tune system from animal crossing


Ok, this is much better. I’m on board for this one.

It would be cool if you could get a kind of “Piano doorbell” where you can MAKE the tune it plays with a on screen piano. I know they are adding a playable piano so they would already have the interface

(Being a irl piano player I would do some crazy shit)

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I like the idea. Would be difficult to implement though as it is easily abused and trolled.

Hit marker door bell here I come.


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