Custom Condo Names

One thing I have noticed is that all the condos in the browser tab are called “[personname]'s Condo”.
I was curious if there is a plan to give condos different names, just similar to how the custom server lobbies work.

This could be useful, because players will know what to expect when they join a condo. This will also peak interest for players to join condos.

For example, if someone made a huge cinema in their condo, they could name their condo as “[personname]'s Super Cinema” or something along the lines.

The way you could name the condo would be at the create your condo window, or when holding the C key


Personally, I think this would be a really neat, little feature. I remember everybody with their silly condo names back in GMT; it would certainly be fitting for that to make a return.


yes please

I want to be able to actually name my condo the Catsack Resort (because that’s my plan)

Yes I need this, I loved naming my condo “☭Radek’s Communist Party☭”


I really need this to announce the theme

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As you’re new, I would like to inform you that you made a necro, meaning you posted on a forum post that was dead for 1 or more months.

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