Custom Clothes

There should be an option to put custom pictures or logos on your in-game merchandise. EX: I could put a fox on my shirt or maybe a baseball cap. But you should have to pay in-game currency to change the design. :smile:

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Great idea, although I don’t know how hard it is to implement that. Otherwise, awesome!
(EDIT: Kind of reminds me of what you can do in APB: Reloaded, although that games is pay2win af)

As was the criticism on my post about custom posters…

But it seems that the devs are already working on ways to combat this. Other than that, this is an amazing idea.

Great idea! Can`t wait for T-shirts with cats, memes and anime stuff!

The explicit images are the only problem there, as already said. Anyway, I would love to see that in the game.

I’d love running around in a shirt with a bunch of kittens on it :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe add some preset imagery which you can add to your T-Shirts, with the ability to upload your own? I did not forget the problem about explicit imagery.

I’m partial to the suggestion.
The explicit material isn’t an issue at all, since there will be a parental content lock that would probably block all custom content.
On one hand, sweet, I can express myself more than ever.
On the other hand, uh-oh, other people can express themselves more than ever.
I can see a lot of drama, bullying, and harassment over some kid with a furry t-shirt or pony hat.
Not to mention, no one would purchase any of the other clothing items that Unite has to offer when they could just get the customizable shirt/hat.


@cold_finger Yeah, that happened to me in gmtower. I had a minecraft image as my steam profile (old account), and as a result, I got harassed by people 24/7. Probably one of the worst experiences in my life.