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Hi Pixeltail, after playing Tower Unite all day today, it has come to my attention that the community is starting to become divided on a subject, censorship. When debating with others, it came to my attention that words such as “traps” were causing some people of the LGBTQ community, specifically the transgender community, to feel hurt. This creates a uproar from those hurt, saying that those words should be against the rules, and ban people who say it.

This is where the problem occurs, to many, this feels like it takes away some of their speech, and must tip toe around everything they say, cause gosh darn it, if it offends someone. Now some might say “Oh well, if those people feel harassed by such words, then they have no place in the community as words”. While this may feel like the correct statement from a certain point of view, it doesn’t take into account that it is not the whole community that has a problem with such words. Fear not, as I have a solution!

My solution is simple, now granted I am sure i’m not the first to suggest this, but felt like this would be a great time to suggest this. What Tower Unite needs is a custom chat filter. This would allow you to type in words, and create your own personal list of words you do not wish to view. This way, people can adjust what they are and aren’t okay with seeing. Now, you could just have the full message not show, or even if you wish, have it replaced with a silly word such as “squash”, or such.

I hope you sincerely take the time to consider this option, personally I know I make some jokes that are a tad too dark for some, but others enjoy and laugh at. This would be a sufficient compromise, that could end this debate. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Colonel Chicken.

I thought this was implemented already? Or at least in the plans. But I agree this is a good idea.

I’m generally anti censorship and pro letting the user decide the amount of “bad language” they wish to expose themselves to so this is an excellent idea in my opinion, have my vote.


This… Feels like the solution we need, actually.

This is the compromise for people who want absolutely no censorship vs. people who just want blatant hate-speech and slurs removed. Letting individuals decide their chat experience is probably the best way to go about it. I’ve never voted for a topic so quickly in my life.


I agree and support this idea.

Allowing a custom experience has a long term benefit on many individuals from many backgrounds.

Just lastnight my friend instantly Alf-f4’d because of something unsightly word/phrase and they were down for a while, its a shame they don’t have any way of not seeing it in the first place.

Not the mention theres some keywords in my chat and I’d rather the message as a whole be ommited completely or replaced with a custom message client side instead. Either way would be nice.

i don’t think your friend should ever play any type of online multiplayer game with chat if he closes the game because of something someone random said.

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So you’re fine with someone being unable to cope with something mentally taxing also, you don’t even know the situation but I do, and I know this would be a useful feature not just for them but for many others. I’m sure you’d make a supportive friend… if you knew the situation at hand

Not wanting to read certain things is one thing. If I understood you correctly and your friend was basically triggered by a certain phrase, they might be well advised to seek professional help.

Depends on the situation, but yeah that’s pretty much what anyone should do if its to that extent. Not to mention a professionals recommendations for something of that extend they would probably tell you to avoid it…?

I’ve honestly exaggerated abit in my friends stead, but still I just don’t see why people like to go against the grain for things like this, I’ve already being ridiculed twice just for standing up for my friend, and supporting this thread it really sucks, just let people drop their 2cents and be on their way

If people are harassing you, you can block them and report them. Easy.
I don’t see how a chat filter is supposed to stop messages coming through that you don’t like, that’s not what its supposed to be for.

I’m in support of this as there definitely are use cases but that isn’t one of them. A chat filter would filter out “bad” words that you don’t want to see, but it doesn’t stop people from making rude comments. The internet is unfortunately full of it and if you don’t want to see it then you just block it yourself.


I’ve been advocating for this for a long time as a middle ground solution. Gives people more control over their experience and what they can/can’t see without depending on moderators to ban every last person who says something edgy.

You could even take the system a step further and allow people to share their filters over this forum, and before you know it the community is collaborating in real time to comprehensively filter “offensive” content as needed, while the rest of us can simply turn the filters off completely because we’re not bothered by words. Everyone wins.

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Not a good solution in the long run. Their job is to help you live your life normally with the least possible amount of internal demons. Going to the therapist having an issue with a specific word and the therapist tells you to avoid that word sounds like a bad joke. But I’m no therapist, I just don’t see a custom chat filter as the proper solution to a serious mental health problem.

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This would also be pretty good to deal with words that I’d rather not see in Global OR local when I’m doing a streaming event like my Prizim Podcast or a game night.


This could help streamers too as they could block out some things that could get them banned in global chat.