Custom Character Rig in 3ds Max: Help converting a Mixamo rig to work in Tower Unite

Hey there, I made a character for Tower Unite, rigged it with Mixamo (I read that the FUSE skeleton works with TU) and I cannot get it to function correctly when imported. I tried many things, including:

  • Raw import straight from what Mixamo spit out
  • Raw import with manually changed bone names
  • Added bones “Armature” and “Root” and grouped the rest of the armature to the renamed Mixamo rig

These were all done with variants set for .01 Metric scale (as best as I can tell, there is no tutorial for how to work in 3DS Max for TU, only blender) and without, all Z-axis oriented on export and import.

The results I have gotten are either the game hard crashes, or I get a jumbled, yet moving model.

Here is a link to a zipped folder containing the files I am currently working with for importing, includes the .max file (2017), texture, and numerous .daes and .objs for exporting. All the model and texture was made from scratch.

I hope I can get some help in getting this character into the game, thanks.

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the only real solution here is unparenting the model from it’s armature and re-parent it the rig provided by the devs, also, renaming the bones is not enough, I’m not sure how it works in 3ds max, but you also have to rename the… “what bone each weight painting has been assigned to” it’s like a list where you can manage weight painting groups

Are there any tutorials on what export settings should be used for 3ds max, however? I can’t find any on the site.

Well at the end the playermodel you import into TU has to be a .Dae file