Custom Cart Model Issues - [Broken Boost Pads / Race Position Issues / Item Collision]

Since the new update I’ve noticed 3 bugs consistent between different custom cart models:

  • Boost pads are not triggering with custom cart models, other players have confirmed

  • The game sometimes confuses your actual race position (1st, 2nd, etc in the top right, sometimes the game picks you up as being in front of the person ahead of you for a moment because you’re both approaching a curve at the right time). I have seen others mentioning in the chat about this as well

  • This may be an isolated incident as there was only one very clear time that this was happened, but I’ve collided with items like beers and bowling balls and I was unaffected when in a custom cart. The clear incident could be due to the fact that it was a shopping cart model with spread legs and the ball went right between the legs and didn’t affect me, not sure if that would be on purpose or not. There were other cart models that looked like they could have had the same issue but it was a bit difficult to tell.

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Hi CHARITARD, and welcome to Tower Unite forums

I can very that using the shopping kart model can cause issues with collision detection. The issue that I experienced is not being able to pickup items - however there is an exception to this; Look behind you as you’re about to hit an item spawn.