Custom Arcade Games on Servers

On the most recent stream, (August 1st), Zak showed off the system for having Arcade Games being played in Tower Unite.

He also mentioned there being a API for users to use to create their own games and make them playable in Tower Unite. Mac mentioned that there might be a Condo Console that would have cartridges of Player Made games that user’s could select.

How would this system work on Ranked Servers? Would you be able to play Player Made Arcade games on Ranked servers or would these be limited to Unranked Servers?

Edit: Respecting your decision on the emulators, can you comment on how adding them to your game would be Illegal? This game ( gets around it by making you supply the .rom files yourself, which the developers are assuming you get legally? Couldn’t this work the same way for Tower Unite? Just a question.

I don’t see why we wouldn’t allow arcade games on Ranked servers.

  1. Emulators are not available for commercial licensing.
  2. Digital Cyber Cherries isn’t distributing their game as a product, it’s free.
  3. ‘Assuming they get the roms legally’ doesn’t really protect us in any way. We’re still enabling the use of roms.
  4. Why risk legal stuff on our first commercial game?
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Thanks for the reply. System looks very good Zak. Great job.

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If arcade games offer Unit payout then players can import custom farming arcade games and award players large sums of money on ranked servers.

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We’re not quite sure what we want to do in terms of arcade games paying out Units.
In any case, I think we would regulate the amount payed out on Ranked servers by monitoring play-time or something like that.

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