Custom Animations/Emotes for Workshop Models


Basically allow Models to have Custom emotes, similar to the system in VRchat. Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to add, Also it would take some pressure off the developers to create new emotes.


I’m pretty sure this is part of the plan in the later phases of Workshop Support. I’ll vote to show support either way.


I checked the Trello and didn’t see anything about it, but i could have missed it.


Hahaha fortnite emotes


fortnite emotes :frowning:


I don’t want Fortnite emotes either, but that’s gotta be allowed for this to happen lol


fortnite emotes :smirk:


to be honest people may do that but it would die down and everyone would start only using sitting and laying emotes often, and maybe some other random ones, just like gmod tower with its sitting laying and sexy dance


So… custom emotes, right? I’d be down to see some custom animations make their way to TU, but I have some concerns. Firstly, how large are file sizes typically for animations? I understand we’ll be downloading models and stuff already but I have no idea how large emotes would be. Secondly, I feel like they would be a lot harder to moderate. A simple animation can be interpreted in a bunch of different ways, so I’m sure we’ll see some ‘questionable’ emotes make their way onto the workshop.

Please tell me this will put this topic back on track.


I don’t think it would drastically increase the file size, and if there are “offensive” emotes. That’s the price you pay for true freedom. Also that’s why we have the parental controls.


Yeah sure there would be some “Offensive” Emotes at first but i think it would die off in a month or two afterwards.


Well that’s why I said that those are just concerns I have. I still feel like I’d maybe like to see Workshop Emotes become a thing someday, but we shouldn’t ignore the possible consequences. Parental controls definitely help, but they only go so far.


custom emotes and animations are great additions to the game that anyone would want. if it’s possible, could we add to the suggestion of having standard stances/poses for player models which could be animated? Also customizing walking/running animations and sitting positions which could also be animated for your specified character? second life and imvu noticeably has these kind of features to either add an “avatar” to make your character behave differently. usually i’ve seen “omni balls” on second life to change the way your character’s animation disposition. the omni balls can also come with controls (in tower unite’s case it would be through the emote system it would have in place) you’d be able to do a string of emotes that was attached to that themed behaviour. on imvu it would be the same basically. depending on how you want your character to act, they can be given a set of emotes and you emote by clicking on your player then you can dance, do facial expressions, do certain things with a prop, queue in audio with the animation, etc.

i’d also like to see the capability of emoting with other users too. :^) <like a shared emote function that could be set up with perhaps allowing permissions or however devs seem fit.


offensive and vulgar things are already prohibited and policed already isn’t it?


I think so. It’s definitely against policy.


I see people complaining about getting banned from global chat all the time.


^ Welp that answers everyone’s question about parental controls and such. There’s already things in place.